Afiya's Song, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Yes, I sure do remember the day Afiya come down to Ferrell Plantation. It was about ten years before the Union surrendered, in 1823 I recall, when us slaves still thought we was going to be slaves forever...

The Tear Collector, Crossed Genres

For the first time in a hundred years, the Tear Collector feared for his job. It wasn’t for lack of ability. No other collector prepared like him. His background in the dark arts, alchemy, telepathy, and medicine gave him unparalleled gifts in altering the environments of his subjects. But emotions were cheap these days; it took more and more to satisfy the gods....

Two Sides to Every Story, KYSO Flash

When I asked Mom why my father left, she said there are three sides to the story: “mine, your father’s, and the truth!” So I built a time machine...

The Conversation, Plasma Frequency Magazine

The New York Times reporter looked in his thirties. Charles remembered when he had been that age. He couldn’t recall being as happy as this young man seemed to be. The reporter ordered a coffee, with lots of cream and sugar, and Charles noticed him taking an Advil with it, but said nothing about it. He was white with short hair, his skin not yet touched by wrinkles or blemishes. Outlining his body was the faintest red line, which could have been an effect of sun sneaking through the window. Charles couldn’t tell. His sense had always lacked acuity in the morning.

The Roller Coaster, The Colored Lens

No Country Club for Old Men was built at the bottom of a small mountain, much like everything else in Martinsville, Virginia. The town had more hills than convenience stores and the one leading up to Bob Woods’ country club was particularly steep. I biked to work and often tried to pedal the last stretch. I usually failed and ended up walking the rest of the way. Tonight was no different.

The Last Stop, Fiction365

Bright lights set the tunnel behind me ablaze in blues and reds. I had been checking the rearview mirror so much that I noticed right away. I looked around. There was no one else on the road. Then the sirens started.